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CN-107182721-A: 一种节水灌溉装置 patent, CN-107182744-A: Kidney bean disease prevention soilless planting method patent, CN-107183126-A: 一种薄荷夹心饼干 patent, CN-107183913-A: 一种带书立的多功能工作台 patent, CN-107184908-A: Pharmaceutical composition for treating occlusion of heart and cerebral vessels and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107185565-A: 一种对太阳光全光谱吸收的光催化剂材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-107185644-A: Crusher capable of rapidly adjusting distance between crushing teeth patent, CN-107186235-A: Punching machine tool capable of achieving porous machining on sliding rail patent, CN-107187019-A: 一种3d打印衣架的方法 patent, CN-107187046-A: Novel 3D printer nozzle patent, CN-107187068-A: Automatic unqualified product removing mechanism of rotating disk type assembling machine patent, CN-107188066-A: Lifting rope with adjustable length patent, CN-107188444-A: 一种辅助性胶凝材料及其制备方法和用途 patent, CN-107189341-A: Flame-retardant antibacterial plastic used for garbage cans, and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107189654-A: 一种电力设备用防水抗氧化绝缘漆 patent, CN-107191250-A: Tail gas treatment device of automobile engine patent, CN-107191671-A: 流量调节器单元 patent, CN-107191952-A: Using method of automatic ash removing complete equipment of boiler patent, CN-107192091-A: 医院空调一次泵与二次泵节能控制方法及系统 patent, CN-107192436-A: Intra-hot room balance optimization use maintenance apparatus patent, CN-107193958-A: Illustration method for presenting matching between student orientation, and colleges and universities (major group) and majors patent, CN-107194114-A: 一种岩石结构面多重分形参数的计算方法 patent, CN-107194150-A: Elevator aiming storey dynamic error parameter model identification method based on dynamic load patent, CN-107194947-A: 一种自适应自纠正的目标跟踪方法 patent, CN-107195171-A: Built-in member dedicated for electronic remote controller patent, CN-107195716-A: Space thin film solar cell device based on flexible substrate structured design patent, CN-107196593-A: 一种槽式太阳能热电联产接收器装置 patent, CN-107196875-A: Network resource scheduling system based on user experience patent, CN-107196909-A: Registration invitation method and device patent, CN-107197078-A: Method and device for pushing information according to sensor data patent, CN-107197606-A: Waterproofing method for screen of smart terminal patent, CN-107197836-A: 一种浮游生物收集设备 patent, CN-107198424-A: 一种自动窗帘 patent, CN-107198481-A: Composite structure for foot basin cooperated with folding seat for use patent, CN-107198748-A: Inflammation-diminishing traditional Chinese medicine patent, CN-107199446-A: 凸轮轴加工方法 patent, CN-107200456-A: Drum-type sludge drying device patent, CN-107200599-A: 多孔氧化铝陶瓷及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-107200778-A: Preparation method of active polypeptide of muraenesox cinereus patent, CN-107201289-A: 酒曲发酵室温度调节系统 patent, CN-107201893-A: Multi-coal-seam gas well output contribution rate testing and grading device patent, CN-107204232-A: 一种大容量干式高频高压电抗器 patent, CN-107204743-A: Oscillator, electronic apparatus, and vehicle patent, CN-107205018-A: Fax machine based on internet of things patent, CN-107205609-A: 包括通用手柄和可互换的工具头部的工具组合件 patent, CN-107205807-A: System and method for fowl vaccination patent, CN-107207633-A: Functionalized elastomeric polymer compositions, their preparation methods and crosslinked rubber compositions thereof patent, CN-107207792-A: NBR sponge for impregnation of cosmetic gel composition and method for manufacturing same patent, CN-107208174-A: 粘合剂组合物和制备铁矿球粒的方法 patent, CN-107208996-A: Method and device for measuring features of workpieces patent, CN-107209821-A: 用于对电子文件进行数字签名的方法以及认证方法 patent, CN-107209857-A: User terminal and providing method therefor patent, CN-107210214-A: 化学机械研磨用处理组合物、化学机械研磨方法及清洗方法 patent, CN-107210994-A: Data exchange processing method and apparatus patent, CN-107211120-A: 基于观看体验和系统约束调整编码参数 patent, CN-107211497-A: Chip for use in operating device for lighting means and operating device comprising the chip patent, CN-107211685-A: Method for cultivating oilseed rape patent, CN-107211745-A: Tree branch trimmer patent, CN-107211790-A: 四季蜜龙眼大果穗的成花调控方法 patent, CN-107212430-A: Automated hickory shell breaking and kernel taking production line patent, CN-107212520-A: Damping sole patent, CN-107213418-A: 一种中药组合物、制备的药酒及制备方法 patent, CN-107214038-A: 一种工程用钢管涂刷设备 patent, CN-107214120-A: 降低热斑效应发生的方法 patent, CN-107214338-A: Additive manufacturing method and additive manufacturing machine patent, CN-107214354-A: Step-type multistation once-forming cutter patent, CN-107214494-A: 装料装置 patent, CN-107218162-A: 空气滤清器及车辆 patent, CN-107218390-A: Manual gearshift operation tool for transmission patent, CN-107218770-A: 一种微波真空冷冻干燥方法 patent, CN-107219063-A: 一种高功率光纤激光器安全监测方法及装置 patent, CN-107219175-A: 一种海藻酸钠含量的测定方法 patent, CN-107219675-A: Lcos显示器 patent, CN-107219745-A: 鼓单元以及具有该鼓单元的处理盒 patent, CN-107220454-A: Method for calculating long-age compressive strength of underground-engineering concrete mixed with fly ash patent, CN-107220851-A: 基于x13季节调整和因素回归的售电量预测方法及装置 patent, CN-107221267-A: Drawing pin capable of displaying combined identification patent, CN-107221876-A: Transmission line wire length measurement scribing machine patent, CN-107221989-A: 一种抑制温升的方法、计算机可读存储介质、通信设备 patent, CN-107222053-A: Electric automobile driving motor with oil lubricating open bearing and cooling rotor patent, CN-107222083-A: Supercharger for rotating shaft patent, CN-107222314-A: Conference management method and device, mobile device and storage apparatus patent, CN-107222381-A: 微博数据的传播路径确定方法和装置 patent, CN-107222383-A: Dialog management method and system patent, CN-107222447-A: 交互装置、信息处理/检测方法/系统、存储介质及终端 patent, CN-107222568-A: Charging operation management system patent, CN-107223029-A: Piece of luggage patent, CN-107223545-A: 一种农田自动灌溉装置及其应用方法 patent, CN-107223593-A: 一种鸡饲料自动投喂机 patent, CN-107224146-A: 一种具有检测睡眠状态的智能床垫 patent, CN-107224191-A: 一种自动保温的电饭锅及其保温控制方法 patent, CN-107224398-A: 一种腰肾按摩器 patent, CN-107224434-A: ShizukaolD在制备抗肿瘤靶点药物中的应用 patent, CN-107225089-A: 一种农作物用筛分装置 patent, CN-107225095-A: 一种可叠加抽取式调节筛板 patent, CN-107225547-A: 一种制鞋用焊接工作台 patent, CN-107225603-A: 一种高效的橡胶用切割冷却一体装置 patent, CN-107225723-A: 一种高效的pvc发泡板的定型装置 patent, CN-107227349-A: 一种快速检测bcr/abl基因融合的探针组、试剂盒及方法 patent, CN-107227719-A: 一种链轮闸门的改进方法及结构 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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