Methode pour modifier des catalyseurs concus pour la polymerisation d'olefines

A method for the modification of catalysts intended for the polymerization of olefins


When asymmetric olefins or a monomer mixture containing asymmetric monomers is polymerized by a catalyst composition containing esters of carboxylic acid e.g. as a so-called donor, and alcohol the ester group can be transesterified with the alcohol to an ester containing another alkyl group during the preparation and/or polymerization of the catalyst. This is advantageous particularly when an adduct of a so-called spray-crystallized Mg-halide and alcohol is used as the catalyst carrier, because the alkoxy group of the alcohol of the carrier and the alcoxy group of the ester of the donor can be transesterified and thus obtain the preferable effects of both esters on the run of the polymerization reaction. Hereby, a solvent having a high boiling point should be used as the intermediate agent, so that the transesterification reaction can take place. Most preferable have been found hydrocarbons having high boiling points, especially nonane and decane.




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