Window and door assemblies

Montage de portes et de fenetres


2058634 9015217 PCTABS00002 A door or window assembly comprising a rigid first frame (1) defining an opening, and a second frame (9) adapted to be fitted into and close off the opening in the first frame (1), the first frame (1) being at least partly or wholly hollow and having a surface part with an opening (4) leading into a channel section (2) partly defined by side walls (6) of the said first frame (1), the second frame (9) including retaining means (12) of which a part can enter said channel section (2) through said opening (4) and thereafter securely engage the first frame (1) to prevent the second frame (9) from being withdrawn from the first frame (1). In a method of constructing a window or door assembly, the first frame (1) is incorporated within a building structure during construction thereof, the second frame (9) with or without an attached third frame (17) including retaining means (12) is offered up to the first frame (1) whereupon the retaining means (12) are actuated to securely affix the second frame (9) to the first frame (1).




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