Bouchon de securite perforable pour tubes a essai servant au prelevement d'echantillons de fluide biologique

Perforable safety stopper for test tubes for taking biological fluid samples


"PERFORABLE SAFETY STOPPER FOR TEST TUBES FOR TAKING BIOLOGICAL FLUID SAMPLES" ABSTRACT Perforable stopper (24) - for test tubes capable of sampling organic liquids by vacuum - the stopper being removable by rotation, and made entirely of rubber or suchlike material, with an inner sealing body (28) forming the perforable diaphragm (38), an outer mantle (26) to protect against spurts of the biological liquid when the test tube is being opened, and a screwthreaded coupling with a male thread on the outer wall of the test tube and a helical channel (40) in the inner wall of said mantle (26) so that the stopper can be removed by rota-tion and also inserted by axial force; the cooperating threads can be settled into their proper position by a limited relative rotation, because of the resilient nature of the stopper itself. (FIG. 2)




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