Landing system for a helicopter on board a vessel

Systeme d'atterrissage pour helicoptere, amenage sur un bateau


Abstract Landing system for landing, moving and stationing a helicopter on a vessel, which system comprises a landing deck mounted on the vessel, said deck being provided with an anchorage grid consisting of a large number of openings separated from one another by bridges and a harpoon device fitted on or to be fitted in the helicopter, said harpoon device being provided with a number of essentially barb-like elements (30) which are fitted symmetrically around its centre line and are capable of being folded out in the radial direction and which, in the folded-out state, are able to engage behind the bridges forming the boundaries of an opening (6) in the anchorage grid (5) in a manner such that all the bridges forming the boundaries of said opening are subjected to a load, the harpoon device being provided with a pressure ring (32) which can be extended in the downward direction to clamp the grid (5) between said ring and the folded-out barb-like elements (30). The barb-like elements (30) are advantageously fitted on a spear-like device (29), said elements being held in a non-folded-out state by means of elastic devices (31), a sliding device (28) being present which is linked to the piston rod (27) of a piston-and-cylinder unit (25,26) and which is provided with run-on surfaces (28') which, when the piston rod is pushed outwards, are able to come into contact with the ends of the barb-like elements (30), as a result of which the latter are swung outwards into the said folded-out state.




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