Gear metering pump for compounded elastomeric material

Pompe doseuse a engrenage pour materiau elastomere


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A gear metering pump for delivering precise amounts of a compounded elastomeric material into a die. The gear pump has a housing formed with a hollow interior chamber containing a pair of rotating meshing gears mounted on shafts, one of which is power driven, for passing controlled quantities of the compounded material out of the chamber and into the die. A side plate is removably mounted on the housing and encloses an open side of the chamber and is moved between open and closed positions by fluid pressure cylinders mounted on the housing to provide ready access into the chamber for cleanout. A first bearing assembly for the gear shafts is mounted on the removable side plate and retains the gears mounted thereon for removing the gears from within the chamber along with the side plate. Outlet openings are formed in the removable side plate and in an opposite fixed side plate adjacent the shafts and bearings, permitting small quantities of the compounded material to flow between the shafts and bearings and out of the openings for lubrication of the bearings. The drive shaft passes out of the housing through an enlarged opening and is free of any end seal with the housing to reduce heat buildup.




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