Dispositif de retenue de feuilles pour machine de manutention de feuilles en paquets

Top sheet hold down for stacked sheet handling machine


19 T112-018.P01 Abstract Top Sheet Hold Down For Stacked Sheet Handling Machine A stacked sheet handling machine 11 includes a top sheet hold down apparatus 10 that prevents trailing sheets from following individual blocks of sheets separated from an upright stack supported on an elevator conveyor 15. A pusher plate 20 is moved laterally of a sheet stack 14 to engage a side 22 of the stack and push a sheet block 21 laterally from the stack and onto the discharge conveyor 17. A top sheet hold down is provided along the sheet block separator to securely hold the top sheet through provision of a hold down traction arrangement 38. Two forms of the hold down traction arrangement are disclosed, both being operated to move a friction surface against the top surface of the sheet 19 to hold the sheet stationary as the block is moved towards the discharge conveyor 17.




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