Cable a fibres optiques dont l'ame comprend un materiau hydrofuge anti-goutte, sans ressuage et compatible avec le revetement des fibres optiques

Optical fiber cable having dripless, non-bleeding and optical fiber coating-compatible waterblocking material in core thereof


Abstract An optical fiber cable (20) includes a core which (22) is filled with a filling material (26) comprising a composition of matter which passes industry wide drip tests, which substantially has no oil separation and which has excellent thermal oxidative stability. The filling composition includes a relatively high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon which may be a polyalphaolefin, for example, or a relatively high molecular weight mineral oil. Also included in the composition of the filling material is a fumed silica, a block copolymer and a relatively high amount of an antioxidant system. Swelling of coating materials for optical fibers (25,25) which are relatively soft and which are in contact with the filling material is substantially less than that experienced with prior art filling materials. Because of the inclusion of a low pour point aliphatic hydrocarbon in the filling material, the cable provides excellent optical performance at low temperatures.




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