Reeled tubing gas lift mandrel

Mandrin porte-soupape pour extraction par ascension a l'air


ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A gas lift valve mandrel especially adapted for mounting on reeled tubing used in a well including a mandrel body in at least two sections comprising a gas lift valve adapter and a clamp which are secured together around the tubing, the adapter including means for mounting a gas lift valve and flow passages communicating into the gas lift valve and into a bore through the mandrel through which the tubing extends, the flow passage in the adapter communicating with a port in the tubing when the mandrel is mounted on the tubing and further including seal means in the adapter for sealing with the tubing around the port into the tubing. An alternate form of the mandrel includes a pipe plug hole and a pipe plug in the adapter for access to the flow passage in the adapter to drill the port into the tubing when the mandrel is mounted on the tubing during the mounting procedure. The mandrel is readily secured on the tubing at desired locations as the tubing is run into a well.




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