Protec-ozone - air pollution system

Systeme antipollution de l'air-protec-ozone


ABSTRACT As the researcher, engineer and designer of Protec-Ozone air pollution system and, because of the problems of our daily environmental contamination, I tried to provide a basic background, which illustrate simplicity in the dynamics of controlling the environment, without compromising their scientific aspects Billions of dollars have been appropriated for environmental protection and rehabilitation, so far, we have not seen the lite, at the end of the tunnel ......? The subject is so ramified that it is not possible to examine the complete technical data individually and in its concepts. However, I tried not to express any opinions in some of my design and research, in relationship to other area's of expertise and know how. I do know, that my contribution to a cleaner environment, represent some lite at the end of the tunnel and, coming from a Canadian; "home of green spaces, clean water and big open skies," are that my contribution and concerns are all about. I have but one wish, to see my creation accepted, because from its inception, I found the project interesting and hopefully will serve its intended purpose.




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