Pressurising apparatus for pressure vessels

Appareil de mise en pression d'enceintes a pression


ABSTRACT PRESSURISING APPARATUS FOR PRESSURE VESSELS Pressurising apparatus (1) is described which comprises a cylindrical tank (2) divided by a partition (7) into a lower part (6) containing cold water and an upper part (5) containing hot water in equilibrium with a mass of steam (9) above it. The apparatus further includes at least one duct (10, 11) connecting the first and second parts which has a first end (10a, 11a) immersed in the hot water in the upper part (5) and a second end (10b, 11b) immersed in the cold water in the lower part, and at least one condensation duct (12) having a first end (12a) located in the mass of steam (9) and a second end (12b) immersed in the cold water in the lower part (6).




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