Process for producing homogeneous modified copolymers of ethylene/alpha-olefin carboxylic acids or esters

Methode de preparation de copolymeres homogenes modifies d'ethylene et d'acides carboxyliques alpha-olefiniques ou de leurs esters


A homogeneous, random interpolymer of ethylene and an alpha-olefinically unsaturated carboxylic acid or ester having melt indices from 0.1 to 300 grams/10 minutes, as determined by ASTM D-1238 (190 °C/2160 grams), is improved during its manufacture when made in a substantially constant environment in a stirred autoclave under substantially steady-state conditions of temperature, pressure, and flow rates, said temperature and pressure being sufficient to produce a single phase reaction, using a free-radical initiator, said improvement being obtained by the use of a minor amount of a telogenic modifier in the reaction mixture, the process being further characterized by the use of either, or both, of (a) a temperature which is lower than that which would be required without the presence of the telogen, or (b) a pressure which is higher than that which would be required without the presence of the modifier.




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