Bag pack

Sachet d'emballage


Abstract Bag pack for contents which can be warmed by microwave treatment, comprising a jacket part and optionally a base part, of flexible plastic film, where the front and back of the jacket part and the base part optionally present are firmly joined to one another by sealed seams, the jacket part is formed from a plastic film which contains a sealable layer on the inside, and the bag pack has, in the region of the upper limit of the jacket part, a removal opening which is closed by a peel strip on [sic] flexible plastic film, the peel strip contains a peel layer on the inside t and the peel strip is firmly joined to the insides of the jacket part via sealed seams, and at least one sealed seam between the insides of the jacket part and the peel is easy to peel open, at least partly, and/or contains at least one peel aid.




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