Gaine de protection, en particulier de cables a fibres optiques, en milieu haute tension

Cladding structure in particular for optical cables, for use in high-voltage environments


2081336 9116648 PCTABS00008 Cladding structure, in particular for optical cables (1), for use in high-voltage environments, comprising at least one elongated plastic outer sheath (8), having capacitive elements (C1, C2, C3....Cn) electrically connected in series in the longitudinal direction of the cladding structure. Said capacitive elements are formed by electrodes (5, 7, 9; 10, 11, 12) underneath the outwardly facing side of the outer sheath (8). Said electrodes (5, 7, 9; 10, 11, 12) can be situated in a mutually offset manner in radial and/or longitudinal direction of the cladding structure. Damaging of the cladding structure due to corona discharge or tracking phenomena is effectively reduced by said series connection of capacitive elements (C1, C2, C3...Cn).




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