Materiel de maconnerie a patins

Runner masonry


ABSTRACT Runner Masonry provides a new improved design concept to existing masonry building materials such as bricks, blocks and precast. Using the same material as that which current masonry products are made from, two runners are fabricated into the bottom of the units and two tracklike continuous grooves installed into the top of the units, for the purpose of providing a built-in means of unit alignment and uniform bed joint thickness control during construction. In addition to the runners and top track grooves, two protruding lugs are fabricated to the end of each typical unit and two matching slots built into the other end to insure proper alignment of units and to produce uniform cross joints. By utilizing the new Runner Masonry design, improved workmanship will be assured. Due to a serious shortage of skilled craftspeople in the building industry, Runner Masonry products will become in great demand and will be instrumental in reducing the growing need for such skilled labour, in the future. Using this improved design, craftspeople will be able to lay-up more units, with less stress to body and mind. After re-tooling, manufacturing Runner Masonry products should cost the same as currently manufactured products. This particular type of product will aid the DO-IT-YOURSELF market, where home owners would prefer to install their own feature walls, veneer, etc.




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