Tamper-evident zipper closed package

Emballage avec fermoir antivol


TAMPER-EVIDENT ZIPPER CLOSED PACKAGE ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A plastic film container having a tamper-evident feature wherein a bag is provided having first and second opposing film walls with a doubled zipper strip between the film walls at the bag top, the outer film layers of the bag being sealed in a fin seal above the zipper strip; perforation lines extending in alignment through the zipper strip and the outer film lines with a zipper strip between the rows of perforations and the zipper strip can have tear guidance means in the form of ribs. The zipper strip is sealed to the film layer so that as the top is torn off the bag, a portion of the doubled zipper strip will be removed but the remaining sides of the zipper strip will be attached to the bag film walls to provide a reclosable bag.




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